Egor Vladimirovich Berger is the founder and CEO of the AVIASPARES Company, and since 2006, he has been actively involved in the commercial trading business in Russian and foreign aviation markets. Mr. Berger is a recognized expert in the provision of quality services field, primarily in the supply of spare parts to aviation enterprises..

"I started my business in the aviation sphere more than ten years ago, when I began working with the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI).

I obtained a diploma with honors and became a professional radio engineer, my career began in Kolomna, where I was an employee of the Technological Solutions Department, under the leadership of my father Vladimir Davidovich Berger. Together, we invented an ultrasonic rangefinder, which can be used in aviation as well as any other industry.

I conducted research to analyze consumer needs for high-tech devices and services. The results showed that there existed a huge range of Russian high-tech products with very low sales. The existing system of marketing and promotion was extremely inefficient, and lagged far behind international trends..

So I set myself a career goal: to take up the professional promotion of domestic manufacturers in the aviation market. Aviation is my field of activity, my experience and my passion, so all my efforts are focused on the aviation sector.

In 2008, I decided to start my career with a large company, and participate in the promotion and distribution of aircraft spare parts. My ever-developing professionalism contributed to my career advancement. Since 2013, I supervised the work of the EASA PART-145 repair station at Sheremetyevo Airport as the Deputy Technical Director. I managed to optimize the business process, and this led to a two-fold increase in productivity, and a 1.5-times decrease in production costs. My managerial experience has strengthened my belief — that the key role in the aviation business is the meticulous attention to detail, understanding of the needs of the customers, and the constant search for opportunities to implement the most daring ideas.

In 2015, I started my own business. My company is called AVIASPARES, and we guarantee that our customers will get quality goods and services, in accordance with best practices of the aviation industry. We offer only original spare parts, and in this is our advantage.

As of today, AVIASPARES provides the best services for our customers and suppliers. We take into account the needs of both Russian and foreign manufacturers and operators. We have ten years of work experience in the aviation sector, which allows our company to work together with the best professionals, and provide quality services to enterprises operating in this market."


Egor Vladimirovich Berger

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